THE COMMITMENT CONTINUES – Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The most stringent quality control/quality assurance in O&G threading, machining and manufacturing

K&B’s commitment to quality control/quality assurance is demonstrated by the fact that 25% of our workforce is dedicated to quality assurance and quality control – and supported by the best metrology equipment and processes in the business.

For our valued customers, this means a reliable supply of quality machined parts and threaded tubulars on a consistent, quality-assured basis.  We understand the exacting nature of your products, and our quality processes underscore that understanding. Our people, processes and products are your proof of a job well done.

O&G Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • API Specification Q1
  • API Specification 5CT
  • API Specification 7-1
  • API Specification 6A

Quality Processes and Equipment
Our quality control teams are involved in all aspects of every order:  receiving inspection, in-process inspection, final inspection and product release. As a result, O&G customers can be confident that the product they ordered will be the product they receive, manufactured to the accuracy and quality levels they require.

K&B has made significant investments in processes and precision measurement equipment as part of our multi-faceted approach to quality production, including meeting the highest standards. K&B measurement and testing assest include:

  • FARO Arm
  • Brown & Sharp CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Stringent In-House Calibration Processes
  • Supported by Comprehensive Outsourced Calibration

For more information about our quality assurance and quality control programs, visit K&B Industries at, or call 985-868-6730.