Letter From The President

Dear K&B Friend and Colleague,

At K&B, we have an unwavering commitment to the market and to our clients who count on us for reliable service and support. We are in a rapidly changing industry, and we’re proud to be a company that changes in tandem with the needs of our customers. For example, we’ve expanded the scope of our Customer Inventory Services to better serve a growing customer need. This sort of response to a changing marketplace can be seen at every level of our business.

Despite the unpredictability of the market, K&B knows the importance of being equipped and ready to address new challenges. It’s one reason why customers know they can depend on us, and benefit from our capabilities, expertise, and solutions. And you can always count on us to stand by our promises.

It’s been more than 40 years since my dad began this company. Over that time, K&B has remained focused on providing clear communication, quick response times, integrity, and professional courtesy. And it’s as true today as it was from day one: our customers make up a huge part of the K&B family, and define what this company is all about.

We believe as our company grows, the benefits of working with us will continue to grow as well. Looking beyond 2017, we anticipate serving you even better and are excited to see what the future holds.

Best Regards,

Kenny Wood, Jr.