THE COMMITMENT CONTINUES – CNC Programming & Simulation Software

Delivering the highest levels of accuracy, precision and speed with advanced CNC programming and simulation software. 

As a premier global supplier of Oil & Gas machining, manufacturing, assembly, and threading services, K&B is committed to the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and timely delivery.  Our advanced CNC programming software is further proof of that commitment.

K&B’s advanced CAM software allows production teams to input the data from customer PDF drawings directly into our programming systems, enabling qualified CNC programmers to quickly select features, define cutting tools, and build CNC programs that expertly meet your machining requirements.

Best of all, one set of CNC programming software accommodates all of our platforms and machining capabilities — including 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis applications – allowing us to seamlessly apply the best machining platform to your parts process.

Simulation software provides complete tool path verification.
Our quality control teams are closely involved in all aspects of the machining process. Following buildout of CNC programs using our advanced CAM software, each CNC programming post is verified in a virtual environment prior to machining. This ensures that the CNC platform selected for production will read and execute the code correctly, without collisions, crashes, or tool holder interference during run time.

Getting it right from the start.
K&B’s advanced CAM software provides speed, accuracy, and quality verification from the start on every project, and makes it easy for engineering teams to do business with K&B no matter where they are in the planning and production process.

For more information on our CNC programming and simulation software, visit K&B Industries at, or call 985-868-6730.

THE COMMITMENT CONTINUES – Stress Relieving Capabilities

The Most Advanced Stress Relieving Systems in the Industry

K&B has made major investments in modern stress relieving technologies in order to meet the Oil & Gas industry’s most complex and demanding stress relief requirements. Here’s what it means to you:

K&B Stress Relieving Technologies for OCTG

Double-Ended Swage and Stress Relief Lines

  • Updated with the most recent Inductoheat technology
  • Accommodating premium full length OCTG and accessory threading
  • Size ranges from 2-3/8 thru 20” for flush and semi-flush connections
  • Six units in Houston, TX facility
  • Two units in Schriever/Houma, LA facility

iROSS Fluxmanager Induction Heating Units

  • Deep, uniform temperature distribution – ID/OD, circumferential and longitudinal
  • Multiple coil sizes to accommodate all OCTG sizes
  • New technology coils to maintain temperature homogeneity for the most demanding requirements

3-Phase iROSS System

  • All the benefits of above with 96.5% electrical efficiency at a .95 power factor
  • Higher power output at the coils for shorter cycle times

Williamson Dual-Wave/Bi-Chromatic Optical Pyrometers

  • Eliminate manual emissivity settings to deliver a more reliable temp reading
  • Lower sensitivity to smoke, and non-normal pyrometer angles
  • OD and ID pyrometers ensure pipe temperature homogeneity

Yokogawa DX100 Paperless Chart Recorders

  • 100% traceable data logging
  • Yokogawa Printwave technology for more efficient data extrapolation and review

Six Advanced Stress Relieving Systems to Accommodate Any Requirement

K&B is leading the way in Stress Relieving technology for Oil & Gas applications, with systems to meet the applications and production volumes our customers require. As a premier global supplier of Oil & Gas machining, manufacturing, assembly, and threading services, K&B is committed to the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and timely delivery.  Our advanced stress relieving processed are further proof of that commitment.

Advanced Calibration Practices Ensure Quality

You can count on K&B for advanced performance. We maintain “closed loop” calibration of all our Stress Relief equipment. From the pyrometer, to the controller, to the temperature chart, all components are calibrated as a singular system, using a blackbody source, and held to a max total deviation of 20°F.

For more information on our advanced Stress Relieving technologies for the Oil & Gas Market, visit K&B Industries at, or call 985-868-6730.